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Population Census

9. Households comprising old married couple

Since 1995 old couple households have increased by 35%.

- The 3,661,271 households comprising an old married couple (households comprising a man aged over 65 and a woman aged over 60) accounted for 24.3% of all households with a family member aged over 65. Since 1995 this category has increased by 898,686, or 32.5%.

- Locally, of families with a family member aged over 65, highest proportion of old married couples, is 33.3% in Kagoshima Prefecture, followed by 32.5% in Hokkaido and 30.1% in Miyazaki Prefecture. By contrast, the lowest proportion is 15.1% in Yamagata Prefecture, followed by 17.7% in Fukui Prefecture and 17.9% in Niigata prefecture.

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