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Population Census

8. Households comprising solitary old person

Nearly one in six women aged over 65 live alone.

- There are 3,032,140 households that comprise an old person living alone (household comprising a solitary person aged 65 or older). Since 1995, this number has increased by 829,980, or 37.7%. Moreover, in the population of people aged 65 or older the solitary proportion, from 12.1% in 1995, has also increased to 13.8%.

- There are 3.1 time more solitary old women (2,290,493) than solitary old men (741,647). Moreover, 8.0% of old men, and 17.9% of old women, live alone. One out every 5.6 old women lives in a solitary household.

- In local populations the highest proportion of solitary old people is 22.0% in Kagoshima Prefecture, followed by 20.3% in Metropolitan Tokyo and 19.4% in Osaka Prefecture. By contrast, the lowest proportion is 6.9% in Yamagata Prefecture, followed by 7.9% in Niigata Prefecture and 8.6% in Ibaragi Prefecture.

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