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Population Census

5. Households

Large increase in single-generation and two-person households

- Since 1995, the number of households has increased by 2,882,460 to 46,782,383, a rise of 6.6%. Classified by composition, from 1995 to 2000, two-person households increased by 16.6%, single-person households by 14.9%, and three-person households by 8.4%. Whereas all households compromising three or fewer persons increased, households of four or more persons decreased. The average size of households, 2.82 persons in 1995 and 2.67 persons in 2000, continued to decline.

- Since 1995, in all administrative entities, the number of households has increased. The greatest local increase was 11.4% in Shiga Prefecture and the lowest increase was 2.8% in Nagasaki Prefecture. At 3.25 persons per household, Yamagata Prefecture had the largest average size of household. The lowest average size was 2.21 persons per household in Metropolitan Tokyo. Since 1995, in all administrative entities, the average size of household has decreased.

Figure 4 Proportion of General Households by Number of
Household Members - Nationwide (1995 and 2000)

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