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Population Census

4. Marital status

Many more unmarried men and women aged 25 to 34.

- The proportion of married men over the age of 15 is 61.8% and the rate for women is 58.2%. Put another way, 31.8% of men have never been married and the figure for women is 23.7%.

- Fewer people in the 25-to-34 age range are married. For example, 69.3% of men and 54% of women aged 25 to 30 are unmarried. This means that, since 1995, the unmarried rate for those in their late twenties has increased of 2.5 points for men and 5.9 points for women. The increase is even greater for those aged 30 to 34: 42.9% of men (up 5.6 points) and 26.6% of women (up 6.9 points) remain unmarried into their early thirties.

- The highest rates for unmarried people aged 25-29 are in Metropolitan Tokyo, where 79.4% of men and 65.3% of women in their late twenties are unmarried. By contrast, the lowest rate in this age range for men is 61.2% in Miyazaki Prefecture and for women 45.9% in Fukushima Prefecture.

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