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Population Census

2. Demographic structure: gender

Males outnumber females in three Kanto prefectures and Aichi Prefecture.

- In the total population, there are 62,110,764 males and 64,815,079 females. Females outnumber males by 2,704,315 and there are 100 females to every 95.8 males. This is a 0.4-point decrease since the 1995 census.

- Locally, males outnumber females in four prefectures: the ratio of males to 100 women is 103.1 in Kanagawa, 101.8 in Saitama, 100.9 in Chiba, and 100.2 in Aichi. The greatest imbalance is in Kagoshima Prefecture, where the ratio is 88.4 males to every 100 females. There are also low ratios of males to females in many of the prefectures of Shikoku and Kyushu.

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