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Unincorporated Enterprise Survey 

Outline of the Unincorporated Enterprise Survey

Purpose of the survey 

  The Unincorporated Enterprise Survey aims to clarify the actual conditions of business management at establishments engaged in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, accommodations and food services or providing services in Japan, as well as obtain basic data on trends in business and for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Survey period

  The survey based on the Trend Survey Questionnaire is quarterly, i.e. April to June (first quarter), July to September (second), October to December (third), and January to March (fourth). The survey period is one year. The survey commences in April, July, October, and January depending on the municipalities where it is conducted. The survey based on the Structural Survey Questionnaire is conducted on unincorporated establishments, for which a survey based on the Trend Survey Questionnaire (January to March) is conducted in March every year, of status as of the last day of December of the previous year.


  The survey covers approximately 4,000 unincorporated establishments throughout Japan in the following industries, based on the Japan Standard Industrial Classification (revised in November 2007).

E Manufacturing

I Wholesale and retail trade

K Real estate and goods rental and leasing
70 Goods rental and leasing

L Scientific research,professional and technical services
73 Advertising
74 Technical services,n.e.c.(limited to "744" commodity inspection and non-destructive testing services and "745" surveyor certification)

M Accommodations,eating and drinking services(excl. "765" drinking houses and beer hall and "766" bars,cabarets and night clubs)

N Living-related and personal services and amusement services
78 Laundry,beauty and bath services
79 Miscellaneous living-related and personal services(excl. "792" domestic services)

R Services,n.e.c.
89 Automobile maintenance services
90 Machine, services,except otherwise classified
91 Employment and worker dispatching services
92 Miscellaneous business services

Survey items

A Trend Survey Questionnaire

(1) Business sentiment of business proprietor
1)Operational status
3)Net operating profit
4)Inventories of products, commodities and primary materials
6)Workforce in the current period

(2) Persons engaged
1)Number of persons engaged
2)Salaries and wages

(3) Operating income and expense, etc.
1)Total of sales and purchases
3)Operating expenses
4)Investment in plant and machinery

B Structural Survey Questionnaire

(1) Type of operation
1)Commencement of business
2)Operating days and hours
3)Type of land ownership and buildings used for business purposes
4)Affiliation with chain organizations
5)Tax return type

(2) Business proprietor
1)Ages of business proprietor
2)Whether or not a successor has been found to take over the business

(3) Operating income and expense, etc.
1)Sales and purchases
3)Operating expenses
4)Investment in plant and machinery

(4) Persons engaged
1)Number of persons engaged, and salaries and wages
2)Hiring and employment separation

(5) Use of personal computers

(6) Problems in managing business

(7) Management policy
1)Developing your business in the future
2)Plans for incorporating enterprise

(8)Assets and liabilities for business

Survey method

  In terms of the actual survey method, a statistical enumerator (enumerator) distributes a questionnaire to each unincorporated establishment selected by the Statistics Bureau, and subsequently collects these questionnaires when completed by the business proprietor or a representative of the business proprietor.


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