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«Statistical Table» Unincorporated Enterprise Survey(Structural survey) 2016 Yearly 

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Notes on the Statistical Tables

  1. Total of itemized figures may not add up to totals because itemized figures are rounded.
  2. Figures on "change over the previous year" and "percentage" are calculated from figures rounded to thousand.
  3. "–" indicates that the figure cannot be calculated, because data is not available or the denominator is "0". In the meantime, "0" indicates that the figure is less than half of the given unit due to its being rounded to thousand.
  4. Net operating profit includes the salaries of family workers.
  5. Consumption tax charged on trading is included.
  6. "Special intermediate groups of industries" used in the tables are made by classifying "Intermediate groups" of "The Japan Standard Industrial Classification" (JSIC) according to what are indicated in Appendix 3 "List of special intermediate groups of industries".
  7. Due to an influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, questionnaires in 2010 were not collected.
    For that reason, figures in 2010 are calculated as all Japan excluding the three prefectures.



  1. Outline of the Unincorporated Enterprise Survey(PDF:197KB)
  2. Explanation of Terms(PDF:130KB)
  3. List of Special Intermediate Groups of Industries(PDF:119KB)
  4. Unincorporated Enterprise Survey – Structural Survey Questionnaire(PDF:217KB)

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