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Income and Expenditure Classification Tables (revised in 2015)


Disbursements -- Food(Excel:182KB)

Housing -- Medical Care(Excel:162KB)

Transportation & Communication -- Other Consumption Expenditures(Excel:170KB)

Non-Consumption Expenditures -- Disbursements Other Than Expenditures(Excel:57KB)

  The Income and Expenditure Classification is revised to grasp consumer behavior exactly on a regular basis. We have applied the revised classification since the results of January 2015 as follows.

1. Division of items

Other mushroom is divided into Shimeji, mushrooms and Enokitake, mushrooms and Other mushroom.Others (belonging to Other beverages) is divided into Sports drinks and Others (belonging to Other beverages).Other alcoholic beverages is divided into Chi-hi(liquor with soda & fruit), cocktail and Other alcoholic beverages.

Western meals is divided into Western meals and Broiled meat.Other domestic non-durable goods is divided into Fabric softener and Air fresheners & deodorizer and Others.Other medical services is divided into Fees for complete medical checkup, etc. and Other medical services.

Pet purchase, supplies & medicine is divided into Pet purchase, supplies & medicine and Other services related to pets.Garden plants & gardening goods is divided into Garden plants and Gardening goods.Garden plants & gardening goods is divided into Garden plants and Gardening goods.Non-saving type premium is divided into Medical insurance premium and Other non-saving type insurance premium.

    * Item belonging to "Other beverages".

2. Integration of items

Niboshi, dried small sardines is integrated into Other salted & dried fish. Sewing machines is integrated into Other durable goods assisting housework. Other services related to clothing is integrated by Tailoring charges and Clothing & footwear repair charges.

3. Renaming of items

Electric bulbs & fluorescent lamp is changed into Electric bulbs & lamps. Charge for rental car is changed into Charges for rental car & carsharing. Kindergarten & nursery frees is changed into Pre-primary education fees. Video recorders is changed into Video recorders & players.

Magazines & weekly magazines is changed into Magazines (including weekly magazines). CATV licence fees is changed into Charges for cable TV license. Photo processing charges is changed into Photography & photographic processing charges.

4. Added intermidiate total of items

Intermidiate total of items is added as follows. Facial tissue & rolled toilet paper. Detergent. Other domestic non-durable goods. Toys. Other recreational goods. Soap & cosmetics.


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