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Survey of Household Economy Explanation of Terms (Items Related to Expenditure)

Total households

  Combination of two-or-more persons households and one-person households

Specific goods and services


Smartphone(cell phone, PHS) charges

  Basic fees, call charges, and optional service fees for smartphones, cell phones, PHS, car phones, etc.

  Packet charges are included.

Internet connection charges

  Internet connection charges(ADSL,ISDN,optical fiber,etc.)and provider fees(including entry fees, and line usage charge if provider contracts include it).

  Internet connection using cable TV line are excluded.

Mobile telephones unit prices(cell phone,PHS)

  Prepaid cell phones and charges related to switching phones are included.

  Rental or leased phones are included.

Travel-related costs

Airplane fares

  Various fares for use of aircraft on domestic and international routes. 

  Excludes fares paid for business trips.

Accommodation services

  Various charges for accommodation overnight.

  Excludes charges paid for business trips.

Package tour costs (domestic)/Package tour costs (overseas)

  Package fees covering transportation and hotel charges of domestic and overseas travels.

  Excludes charges paid for business trips.

Education,Culture and recreation

Tuition (kindergarten-university) (public)/Tuition (kindergarten-university) (private)

  Tuition and other fees payable for education at school governed by the School Education Law.
Such schools include kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and universities (including junior colleges, technical colleges and graduate schools) and special schools (including vocational schools and technical schools). Fees for examinations, entrance, homeroom activities, study tours, PTA dues and tuition fees directly paid for non-member of the household.

  Excludes nursing fee of day nursery, tuition fee for prep school, textbook fees, school lunch fee and tuition fee remitted to non-member of the household.

Tutorial fees

  Fees for cram school, preparatory school, correspondence lessons and tutor to supplement education in main school curricula instituted under the School Education Law.

  Excludes tuition fees and textbook costs for non-standard education and/or practical lessons such as piano class, English conversation or the like.

Lesson fees,Driving school

  Fees for entrance, lessons, skill examination and motorcycle driving lessons at driving school.

  Excludes handling fees for driver's license examination and issuing of driver's license.

Rental fees for sports facilities

  Entry fees, membership fees, and dues for gyms, as well as charges for fitness centers.


Men's suits

  Suit and formal wear for men from seventh grade and upward.

  Excludes single items (jacket only or trousers only), overcoats, uniforms, etc.

Women's one-piece dresses and suits

  Suit, one-piece dresses and formal dresses for women from seventh grade of school and upward.

  Excludes single items (jacket only or skirt only), blouses, overcoats, maternity wear, etc.

Japanese clothing (for men and women)

  Japanese clothes of all kinds for seventh graders and upward, including haori half-coat, sash, yukata summer kimono, tanzen coat, Japanese overcoat, jimbei summer wear and underwear for kimono, and also including festival wear.

  Excludes bed wear, tabi socks and sewing charges.

Wrist watches

 Pocket watches,pendant watches and ring watches.

 Excludes wall clocks,table clocks,repair fees,attachments and electric batteries.


 Includes rings,necklaces,earrings,brooches,jewels,precious metals,necktie-pins and corsages.

 Excludes repair fees and processing fees.

Medical care

Delivery fees

  All costs of hospitalization in connection with child delivery.

  Excludes reservation charge for child delivery and midwife fee.

Hospital charges(excluding delivery)

  All costs of hospitalization not connected with child delivery. Also applies to direct payment of hospital charges for non-member of the household hospitalized for long period (3 months or longer).

  Excludes hospitalization for routine health check, such as scheduled thorough physical checkup.

Furniture, etc.

Chest of drawers

  Any kind of chest of drawers, whether Japanese or Western style, large or small, including those for closets, baby wear and wardrobes.


  Single bed, double bed, bunk bed, water bed, pipe bed, etc. Excludes beds for medical purposes and bedding.


  Anything used as bedding, whether placed over or under the sleeper, or a combination of both.

  Excludes blankets, mattresses, bedding for babies and coverlet for a kotatsu.

Desks and chairs (for work or study)

  Includes desks and chairs for office or study use, those designed for tatami mats.

  Excludes tables for dining or use on tatami mats, and piano chairs.


  Including those in dining room, living room, etc.

Dining tables and chairs

Items mainly used for eating meals,including single items(such as table only or chair only).

Drawing room suites

  Items mainly used for receiving guests, including single items (such as sofa only or table only).

Musical instruments(including parts of instruments)

  Includes upright pianos,electric instruments(electric pianos,electronic organs and keyboards,violins,trumpets,harmonicas,drums,koto and syamisen.

  Excludes chairs for piano,tuning fees,metronomes and pedestals for pieces.

Home electric appliances, etc.


  Includes other low-temperature storage containers such as freezer, rice store and wine cellar.

Vacuum cleaners (including robot types/ stick types/ handy types)

  Rechargeable vacuum cleaners are included as well.

Washing machines

  Includes dryer and dehydrator.

Air conditioners

  Includes air conditioner for both cooling and heating and one for cooling only.

  Excludes installation fee.

Personal computers(including tablet types,excluding peripherals and software)

  Desktop PC and laptop PC, including display unit only and keyboard only.

  Excludes peripheral items.


  Excludes portable types.

Video recorders (DVD or Blu-ray recorder, player, etc.)

  DVD recorder with video recorders,DVD recorder with hard-disc.

Video Game hardware(excluding software)

  Video game consoles.

  Those which are sold together with software and accessories (such as controllers) and portable types and are included.

Cameras (including lenses only,excluding disposable cameras)

  Peripheral items and repair cost are excluded.

Video cameras

  Peripheral items and repair cost are excluded.


House-related equipping/ construction/repair costs

 Costs of equipment and appliances for house interiors,and of installation and repair of same.

 Cost of material for repair are excluded.

Water supply and drainage construction costs

  Cost of construction, repair, maintenance and inspection of water supply and drainage facilities for kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Gardens, trees and plants tending costs

  Costs of services necessary for maintenance and management of plants and garden,including fees for tree trimming, sprinkling of sterilizer, purchases from gardener, gardener's service and gardening. 

  Excludes plant items including flower seeds and bulbs, and gardening supplies including fertilizers, earth, plant pots, props, insecticides and sterilizers.

Motor cars - related costs

Automobiles (new)

  Base price covering standard equipment at the time of purchase plus automobile acquisition tax (less trade-in price if any). 

  Excludes automobile tax, automobile weight tax, registration fee, charges for options and other extra specifications, etc.

Automobiles (second-hand)

  Base price plus automobile acquisition tax (less trade-in price if any). Also includes deregistered new car s (shinkosha).

  Excludes automobile tax, automobile weight tax and registration fee.

Automotive insurance premium (compulsion)

  Premium for compulsory automobile liability insurance charged at the time of purchase or periodic official car inspection.

  Excludes premiums for voluntary insurance and non-automobile transport equipment (motorbikes, etc.)

Automotive insurance premium (option)

  Premiums for voluntary insurance.

  Excludes premium for compulsory automobile liability insurance.

Motorized vehicles other than automobiles

  Base price covering standard equipment at the time of purchase plus vehicle acquisition tax.
Also applicable to second hand purchases. Includes motorbikes, scooters, electric tricycles or quadricycles and motorboats.

Automotive maintenance and repairs

  Cost of services necessary for maintenance and repair of automobile, including repair charges and technical fees for official car inspection.

  Excludes fitting or repair fees for automobile - related parts such as car stereos.


Wedding ceremony and reception costs

  Wedding costs, including those for ceremony, reception, etc., payable by bridegroom or bride.
Includes direct payment to party organizers on behalf of bridegroom or bride who is not a member of the household.

  Excludes costs of lodging, transportation, congratulatory monetary gift, monetary honorarium paid to matchmaker, bridefs trousseaus, and clothes rented for anyone other than bridegroom and bride.

Funeral service costs

  All costs borne by host of funeral or memorial service.

  Excludes cost of lodging, transportation, monetary gift of condolence, and costs of funeral or memorial service borne by anyone else than host.

Religion-related costs

  All costs pertaining to religious services, including donations to temple or shrine, household altar or gravestone.


  Money remitted to non-member of the household to pay for livelihood, house rent, tuition fee, etc.

  Excludes house rent, utilities charges, tuition fee, etc. for non-member of the household directly paid.

Goods and services purchased through the internet

[Gift items]

Gift(summer gifts, year-end gifts, and celebratory gifts for other households)

 Gifts for other households which do not share housing or living with gift givers.

  Packet charges are included.

[Items for households]


Foods (excluding health food)

 Food, drink, and delivery of such as a gift as well as health food are excluded.

Beverages (including alcoholic beverages)

 Drinks of all forms including powder, other than medicinal beverages.

 Canned, bottled, packed, and plastic-bottled beverages are included as well.

Deliveries(packed lunch, home-delivered pizzas, etc.)

 What eating and drinking places provide, including cases of eating out reserved via the internet.

Home electronics

Home electronics(including peripherals, parts, and non-durable goods)

 Durable goods assisting housework including microwave ovens, heating and cooling appliances, recreational durable goods including personal computers, recreational goods including TV game software, and communication equipment including mobile telephones.


Furniture(general furniture, interior furnishings and decorations, bedding, etc.)

 Dining tables and chairs, lighting appliances, beds, quilts, etc.


Men's clothing

 Men's clothes for seventh graders and upward, including Japanese clothing.

Women's clothing

 Women's clothes for seventh graders and upward, including Japanese clothing.

Footwear and other clothing(kids clothing, hats, neckties, socks, etc.)

 Footwear such as shoes, and clothing other than men’s or women’s clothing (things to put on). Children's dresses refers to clothing for babies to elementary school students(including Japanese clothing).

Medical care

Medicines (including quasi-drugs)

 Medicines and quasi-drugs of all forms, including pills and health drinks.

Health foods (supplements, etc.)

 Food for maintenance and promotion of health by replenishing nutrition in forms similar to those of medicines, including pills, capsules, granules, powder, grains, liquid (extract), etc.



 Skin cream, skin lotion, makeup foundation, lipsticks, perfume, hair color, etc.

Private transportation

Automotive-related products(including automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, etc. and their parts)

 Vehicles such as automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, etc. (including second hand goods). Expenditure related to goods and services necessary for maintenance and use of such vehicles is also included.


Books(including reading materials such as magazines, excluding digital books)

 Reading materials and books such as newspapers, magazines, calendars, including used books.

Music/ video software, etc.

Software(music, video, personal computer, TV game)

 Various forms of storage media with sound and/or images, including rented goods.

Digital contents

Digital books(including newspapers, magazines etc.)

 Types of books read on personal computers, mobile telephones, tablet computers, etc. Printed reading materials are excluded.

Downloaded music, video, and applications, etc.

 Downloaded music/ video, and software/ applications, including rented contents.


Insurance (life insurance, medical insurance, automotive insurance, fire insurance, etc.)

 Various types of insurance purchased or applied for through the internet (including types for which payment is made at a convenience store)

Accommodation services (hotels, inns, etc.), fares (railways, airplanes, etc.), and package tour costs

Payment on the Internet

 Charges for accommodation services, fares, and package tour costs (in case of payment on the internet).

Payment on-site (the internet used for reservation only)

 Charges for accommodation services, fares, and package tour costs (in cases where payment is not made through the internet).


Tickets(including those for movies, plays, concerts, sports, etc., excluding shopping vouchers, etc.)

 Fees for entrance and viewing.


Other goods and services(such as accessories, domestic utensils, non-durable goods, etc.)

 Everything that does not fall under any category of the above from "Gift items" to "Tickets."

 Purchase, move, investment, and donation of assets are excluded.

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