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Precautions in Interpreting the Results

1. This "Outline of the Census" updates the Outline of the Census drawn based on the preliminary results published in July 2007, using the newly published summary of results. This "Outline of the Census" should be used hereafter.

2. Incorporated administrative agencies, etc., are classified under "Private" establishments in this Census, whereas they were classified under establishments of "Institutions of National and Local Public Organizations" in the 2001 Census.

3. The data of the 2001 Census classified by industrial groups has been rearranged according to the Standard Industrial Classification for Japan (revised in March, 2002).

4. Rate of increase was calculated by the equation shown below:

   r = { (Nt/Nt-1)12/m-1 }×100

   r: Rate of increase (per year) (%)

   Nt: Result of the Census of the year concerned (Number of establishments, persons engaged, etc.)

   Nt-1: Result of the Census of the last Census year (Number of establishments, persons engaged, etc.)

   m: Number of months between "Nt" and "Nt-1"

5. Shimabara-shi and Fukae-cho of Nagasaki prefecture were not included in the 1991 Census due to the disaster of Unzen-Fugen volcano.

Therefore, the rate of increase (incl. annual rate) of the establishments and persons engaged both "from 1986 to 1991" and "from 1991 to 1996" was calculated using the figures for 1986 and 1996 except those related to Shimabara-shi and Fukae-cho.

(Reference) Data were strictly reviewed in providing the summary of results. The number of establishments and persons engaged in Japan decreased by 63 and 154, 143, respectively, compared with the preliminary results.

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