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Industrial Classification Used in the 2001 Establishment and Enterprise Census

A Agriculture

01 Agriculture

011 Crop farms
012 Livestock Farms
013 Sericulture Farms
014 Agricultural services, except horticultural services
015 Horticultural services

B Forestry

02 Forestry

021 Timber tracts
022 Logging
023 Special forest product production, except growing of mushrooms
024 Forestry services
029 Miscellaneous forestry

C Fisheries

03 Fisheries

031 Marine fisheries
032 Whaling
033 Inland water fisheries

04 Aquaculture

041 Marine culture
042 Inland water culture

D Mining

05 Metal mining

051 Precious metallic ore mining
052 Non-ferrous metallic ore mining
053 Ferrous metallic ore mining
059 Miscellaneous metal mining

06 Coal and lignite mining

061 Coal and lignite mining, except coal cleaning and grading
062 Coal cleaning and grading

07 Crude petroleum and natural gas production

071 Crude petroleum
072 Natural gas

08 Non-metallic mineral mining

081 Stone quarrying, sand and gravel pits
082 Ceramic mineral mining (minerals only for refractory, pottery and porcelain, glass and cement materials)
083 Clay mining, except otherwise classified
089 Miscellaneous non-metallic mineral mining

E Construction

09 Construction work, general including public and private construction work

091 General civil engineering and building work
092 Civil engineering work, except paving and dredging work
093 Paving work
094 Dredging work
095 Building work, except wooden building work
096 Wooden building work

10 Construction work by occupation, except equipment installation work

101 Carpentry work
102 Scaffolding work, earth work and concrete work
103 Steel-frame and steel reinforcement work
104 Stone, brick, tile and concrete block work
105 Plaster work
106 Roofing work, except metal roofing work
107 Sheet-metal work and hardware work
108 Painting work
109 Miscellaneous construction work by occupation
10A Interior finish work
10B Miscellaneous construction work by occupation

11 Equipment installation work

111 Electric work
112 Telecommunication work and signal system work
113 Piping work, except water-well drilling work
114 Water-well drilling work
119 Miscellaneous equipment installation work

F Manufacturing

12 Manufacture of food

121 Livestock products
122 Seafood products
123 Canned and preserved fruit and vegetable products
124 Seasonings
125 Sugar processing
126 Flour and grain mill products
127 Bakery and confectionery products
128 Animal and vegetable oils and fats
129 Miscellaneous foods and related products

13 Manufacture of beverages,tobacco and feed

131 Soft drinks and carbonated water
132 Alcoholic beverages
133 Tea and coffee
134 Manufactured ice
135 Tobacco manufactures
136 Prepared animal foods and organic fertilizers

14 Manufacture of textile mill products, except apparel and other finished products made from fabrics and similar materials

141 Silk reeling plants
142 Spinning mills
143 Twisting and bulky yarns
144 Woven fabric mills
145 Knit fabrics mills
146 Dyed and finished textiles
147 Rope and netting
148 Lace and other textile goods
149 Miscellaneous textile mill products

15 Manufacture of apparel and other finished products made from fabrics and similar materials

151 Textile outer garments and shirts, including bonded fabrics and lace, except japanese style
152 Knitted garments and shirts
153 Underwear
154 Fur apparel and apparel accessories
155 Japanese style apparel and socks("tabi")
156 Other textile apparel and accessories
159 Miscellaneous fabricated textile products

16 Manufacture of lumber and wood products, except furniture

161 Sawing, planning mills and wood products
162 Millwork, plywood and prefabricated structural wood products
163 Wooden, bamboo and rattan containers
169 Miscellaneous manufacture of wood products, including bamboo and rattan

17 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures

171 Furniture
172 Furniture for religious purposes
173 Sliding doors and screens
179 Miscellaneous furniture and fixtures

18 Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products

181 Pulp
182 Paper
183 Coated and glazed paper
184 Paper products
185 Paper containers
189 Miscellaneous pulp, paper and paper worked products

19 Publishing, printing and allied industries

191 Newspaper industries
192 Publishing industries
193 Printing, except mimeograph printing industries
194 Plate making for printing
195 Bookbinding and printed matter
199 Service industries related to printing trade

20 Manufacture of chemical and allied products

201 Chemical fertilizers
202 Industrial inorganic chemicals
203 Industrial organic chemicals
204 Chemical fibres
205 Oil and fat products, soaps, synthetic detergents, surface-active agents and paints
206 Drugs and medicines
207 Cosmetics, toothpaste and toilet preparations
209 Miscellaneous chemical and allied products

21 Manufacture of petroleum and coal products

211 Petroleum refining
212 Lubricating oils and greases (not made in petroleum refineries)
213 Coke
214 Briquettes and briquette balls
215 Paving materials
219 Miscellaneous petroleum and coal products

22 Manufacture of plastic products, except otherwise classified

221 Plastic plates, bars and rods, pipes and tubes, pipe fittings and profile extrusions
222 Plastic films, sheets, floor coverings and synthetic leather
223 Industrial plastic products
224 Foamed and reinforced plastic products
225 Compounding plastic materials, including reclaimed plastics
229 Miscellaneous plastic products

23 Manufacture of rubber products

231 Tires and inner tubes
232 Rubber and plastic footwear and its findings
233 Rubber belts and hoses and mechanical rubber goods products
239 Miscellaneous rubber products

24 Manufacture of leather tanning,leather products and fur skins

241 Leather tanning and finishing
242 Mechanical leather products, except gloves and mittens
243 Cut stock and findings for boots and shoes
244 Leather footwear
245 Leather gloves and mittens
246 Luggage
247 Handbags and small leather cases
248 Fur skins
249 Miscellaneous leather products

25 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products

251 Glass and its products
252 Cement and its products
253 Structural clay products, except those of pottery
254 Pottery and related products
255 Clay refractories
256 Carbon and graphite products
257 Abrasive products
258 Aggregate and stone products
259 Miscellaneous ceramic, stone and clay products

26 Manufacture of iron and steel

261 Iron industries, with blast furnaces
262 Iron smelting, without blast furnaces
263 Steel, with rolling facilities
264 Steel materials, except made by smelting furnaces and steel works with rolling facilities, except coated steel
265 Coated steel
266 Ferrous metal machine parts and tooling products
269 Miscellaneous iron and steel

27 Manufacture of non-ferrous metals and products

271 Primary smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals
272 Secondary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals, including non-ferrous alloys
273 Rolling of non-ferrous metals and alloys, including drawing and extruding
274 Electric wire and cable
275 Non-ferrous metal machine parts and tooling products
279 Miscellaneous non-ferrous metal products

28 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

281 Tin cans and other plated sheet products
282 Tableware (occidental type), cutlery, hand tools and hardware
283 Heating apparatus and plumbing supplies
284 Fabricated constructional and architectural metal products, including fabricated plate work and sheet metal work
285 Metal machine parts and tooling products
286 Metal coating, engraving and heat reating, except enameled ironware
287 Fabricated wire products
288 Bolts, nuts, rivets, machine screws and wood screws
289 Miscellaneous fabricated metal products

29 Manufacture of general machinery

291 Boilers, engines and turbines
292 Agricultural machinery and equipment
293 Machinery and equipment for construction and mining, including tractors for construction, agriculture and transportation of goods
294 Metal working machinery
295 Textile machinery
296 Special industry machinery
297 General industry machinery and equipment
298 Office, service industry and household machines
299 Miscellaneous machinery and machine parts

30 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies

301 Electrical generating, transmission, distribution and industrial apparatus
302 Household electric appliances
303 Electric bulbs and lighting fixtures
304 Communication equipment and related products
305 Electronic data processing machines, digital and analog computer, equipment and accessories
306 Electronic equipment
307 Electric measuring instruments
308 Electronic parts and devices
309 Miscellaneous electrical machinery equipment and supplies

31 Manufacture of transportation equipment

311 Motor vehicles, parts and accessories
312 Railroad equipment and parts
313 Bicycles and parts
314 Shipbuilding and repairing, and marine engines
315 Aircraft and parts
319 Miscellaneous transportation equipment

32 Manufacture of precision instruments and machinery

321 Measuring instruments, analytical instruments and testing machines
322 Surveying instruments
323 Medical instruments and apparatus
324 Physical and chemical instruments
325 Optical instruments and lenses
326 Ophthalmic goods, including frames
327 Watches, clocks, clockwork-operated devices and parts

33 Manufacture of ordnance and accessories

331 Small arms (rifles)
332 Artillery
333 Small arms ammunition (bullets)
334 Shells, except ammunition loading and assembling
335 Ammunition, except small arms and artillery ammunition, ammunition loading and assembling
336 Ammunition loading and assembling, except small arms ammunition
337 Special combat vehicles and parts (vehicles equipped with caterpillar treads with guns and other launchers)
339 Miscellaneous ordnance and accessories

34 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries

341 Precious metal products, including jewel processing
342 Musical instruments
343 Toys and sporting goods
34A Sporting goods
34B Toys
344 Pens,lead pencils, painting materials and stationery
345 Costume jewellery, costume accessories, buttons and related products, except precious metals and jewellery
346 Lacquer ware
347 Sundry goods of straw ("tatami") mats, umbrellas and other daily commodities
349 Manufacturing industries,n.e.c
34C Information recording materials, except newspapers, books, other printed products, etc.
34D Manufacturing industries, n.e.c.

G Electricity, Gas, Heat Supply and Water

35 Production, collection and distribution ofelectricity

351 Production, collection and distribution of electricity

36 Manufacture of gas

361 Manufacture of gas

37 Heat supply

371 Heat supply

38 Collection, purification and distribution of water, and sewage collection, processing and disposal

381 Water for end users, except industrial users
382 Water for industrial users
383 Sewerage

H Transport and Communications

39 Railway transport

391 Railway transport

40 Road passenger transport

401 Common omnibus operators
402 Common taxicab operators
403 Contracted omnibus operators
404 Motor passenger transport (particularlycontracted)
409 Miscellaneous road passenger transport

41 Road freight transport

411 Common motor trucking
412 Motor trucking (particularly-contracted)
413 Mini-sized vehicle freight transport
414 Collect-and-deliver freight transport
419 Miscellaneous road freight transport

42 Water transport

421 Oceangoing transport
422 Coastwise transport
423 Inland water transport
424 Vessel and ship rental and leasing

43 Air transport

431 Air transport
432 Aircraft service, except air transport

44 Warehousing

441 Ordinary warehousing
442 Refrigerated warehousing
443 Floating-lumber storage

45 Services incidental to transport

451 Travel agency
452 Port transport
453 Freight forwarding, except collect-and-deliver Freight transport
454 Transport agencies
455 Booking of transport
456 Packing and crating
457 Transport facilities services
459 Miscellaneous services incidental to transport

46 Postal services

461 Postal services
462 Contracted postal services

47 Telecommunications

471 Domestic telecommunications, except wire broadcast telephones
472 International telecommunications
473 Wire broadcast telephones
474 Services incidental to telecommunications

I Wholesale and Retail Trade, Eating and Drinking Places

48-53 Wholesale trade

48 Wholesale trade, general merchandise

481 Wholesale trade, general merchandise
48A Wholesale trade, general merchandise (with 100 or more employees)
48B Miscellaneous wholesale trade, general merchandise

49 Wholesale trade (textile and apparel)

491 Textile products (except apparel, apparel accessories and notions)
492 Apparel, apparel accessories and notions

50 Wholesale trade (food and beverages)

501 Agricultural, animal and poultry farm and aquatic products
50A Rice, barley and other cereals
50B Vegetables and fruits
50C Meat and poultry
50D Fresh fish, shellfish and seaweed
50E Miscellaneous agricultural, animal and poultry farm and aquatic products
502 Food and beverages

51 Wholesale trade (building materials, minerals and metals, etc.)

511 Building materials
512 Chemicals and related products
513 Minerals and metals
514 Recovered material

52 Wholesale trade (machinery and equipment)

521 General machinery and equipment
522 Motor vehicles
523 Electrical machinery, equipment and supplies
529 Miscellaneous machinery and equipment

53 Miscellaneous wholesale trade

531 Furniture, fixtures and house furnishings
532 Drugs and toiletries
533 Agents and brokers
539 Other products, n.e.c.

54-59 Retail trade

54 Retail trade, general merchandise

541 Department stores
549 Miscellaneous retail trade, general merchandise (with less than 50 employees)

55 Retail trade (dry goods, apparel and apparel accessories)

551 Dry goods, cloth and bedding stores
552 Men's clothing stores
553 Women's and children's clothing stores (occidental style)
554 Footwear stores
559 Miscellaneous dry goods, apparel and apparel accessories stores

56 Retail trade (food and beverage)

561 Grocery stores
562 Liquor stores
563 Meat and poultry stores
564 Fresh fish stores
565 Cured food stores
566 Vegetable and fruit stores
567 Confectioneries and bakeries
568 Rice, barley and other cereals stores
569 Miscellaneous food and beverage stores
56A Delicatessen stores
56B Miscellaneous food and beverage stores

57 Retail trade (motor vehicles and bicycles)

571 Motor vehicle stores
572 Bicycle stores

58 Retail trade (furniture, household utensil and household appliance)

581 Furniture, fixture and "tatami" mat stores
582 Hardware and kitchenware ("aramono") stores
583 Chinaware and glassware stores
584 Household appliance stores
589 Miscellaneous household utensil stores

59 Miscellaneous retail trade

591 Drug and toiletry stores
592 Farming and gardening supply stores
593 Fuel stores
594 Book and stationery stores
595 Sporting goods, toy, amusement goods and musical instrument stores
59A Sporting goods stores
59B Toy and amusement goods stores
59C Musical instrument stores
596 Camera and photographic supply stores
597 Watch, spectacles and optical instruments stores
598 Secondhand stores, n.e.c.
599 Retail trade, n.e.c.
59D Florists stores
59E Retail trade, n.e.c.

60-61 Eating and drinking places

60 General eating and drinking places

601 Eating places
60A Eating places, except otherwise classified
60B Japanese restaurants
60C Western restaurants
60D Chinese and other oriental restaurants
60E Barbecue restaurants,only oriental restaurants
60F Oriental restaurants,except chinese and barbecue restaurants
602 Japanese noodle ("soba" and "udon") shops
603 "Sushi" shops
604 Coffee shops
609 Miscellaneous general eating and drinking places
60G Hamburger shops
60H "Okonomiyaki" shops
60J Miscellaneous general eating and drinking places

61 Other eating and drinking places

611 Special japanese restaurants ("ryotei")
612 Bars, cabarets and night clubs
613 Public houses and beer halls

J Finance and Insurance

62 Banks and trust banks

621 Central bank
622 Banks
623 Foreign banks in Japan

63 Financial institutions for small-business, except government related financial institutions

631 Financial institutions for small-business
639 Miscellaneous financial institutions for small-businesses

64 Financial institutions for agriculture, forestry and fisheries finances, except government related financial institutions

641 Central organization for agriculture, forestry and fishery cooperatives
642 Regional parent financial institutions for agriculture, Forestry and fishery cooperatives
643 Regional financial institutions for agriculture, forestry and fisheries

65 Government-related financial institutions, except otherwise classified

651 Institutions dealing with postal savings, money orders and giro services
652 Government-related financial institutions for overseas loans and investment, development, and public corporations
653 Government-related financial institutions for small businesses and households
654 Government-related financial institutions for agriculture, forestry and fisheries
655 Government-related financial institutions for housing
659 Miscellaneous government-related financial institutions

66 Non-deposit money corporations engaged in the provision of finance, credit and investment, except government-related financial institutions

661 Credit and finance institutions
662 Pawnbrokers
663 Credit card and installment finance institutions
664 Investment institutions
669 Miscellaneous non-deposit money corporations engaged in the provision of finance, credit and investment

67 Financial auxiliaries

671 Financial auxiliaries

68 Securities and futures commodity dealing activities

681 Securities brokers and dealers
682 Brokers and dealers of other securities, and related businesses
683 Futures commodity transaction dealers and commodity investors
684 Exchanges and clearing houses

69 Insurance institutions, including insurance agents, brokers and services

691 Life insurance institutions
692 Non-life insurance institutions
693 Mutual aid organizations
694 Insurance agents and brokers
695 Insurance service institutions

K Real estate

70 Real Estate agencies

701 Sales agents of buildings and houses and land subdividers and developers
702 Real estate agents and brokers

71 Real estate lessors and manegers

711 Real estate lessors, except house and room lessors
712 House and room lessors
713 Real estate managers

L Services

72 Laundry, beauty and bath services

721 Laundries
72A Ordinary laundries
72B Linen supply
722 Fulling and dyeing plants
723 Barbershops
724 Beauty parlors
725 Public bathhouses
726 Special bathhouses
729 Miscellaneous laundry, beauty and bath services

73 Automobile parking

731 Automobile parking

74 Miscellaneous domestic and personal services

743 Photographic studios
744 Garment sewing services and repairs
745 Checkrooms
746 Crematories and graveyard custodians
74A Funeral services
74B Wedding ceremony halls
74C Ceremonial occasion mutual aid society
749 Domestic and personal services, n.e.c.

75 Hotels, boarding houses and other lodging places

751 Hotels
752 Common lodging houses
753 Boarding houses
759 Miscellaneous lodging places
75A Lodging facilities of companies and associations
75B Lodging places, n.e.c.

76 Amusement and recreation services, except motion picture and video production

761 Motion picture theatres
762 Legitimate theatres and performances, except otherwise classified
763 Theatrical companies
764 Bicycle, horse, motorcar and motorboat race track operations
765 Bicycle, horse, motorcar and motorboat race companies
766 Sports facilities
76A Sports facilities, except otherwise classified
76B Gymnasiums
76C Golf courses
76D Golf driving range operations
76E Bowling alleys
76F Tennis clubs
76G Baseball and tennis batting range operations
767 Public gardens and amusement parks
768 Amusement and recreation facilities
76K "Mah-jong" clubs
76L "Pachinko" parlors
76M Miscellaneous amusement and recreation facilities
769 Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services
76N Marinas
76P Recreational fishing guide business
76Q Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services

77 Automobile repair services

771 Automobile repair services

78 Machine, upholstery, furniture, etc.,repair services, except otherwise classified

781 Machine repair shops
782 Upholstery and furniture repair shops
783 Blacksmith shops
784 Paper hangers
789 Repair services, n.e.c.

79 Goods rental and leasing

791 General goods rental and leasing
792 Industrial equipment and machinery rental
793 Office machinery rental
794 Automobile rental
795 Sports and recreation goods rental
799 Miscellaneous goods rental and leasing
79A Audio and visual recordings rental, except otherwise classified
79B Miscellaneous goods rental and leasing

80 Motion picture and video production

801 Motion picture, video production and distribution
802 Motion picture and video services

81 Broadcasting

811 Public broadcasting, except cablecasting
812 Private broadcasting, except cablecasting
813 Cablecasting

82 Information services and research

821 Computer programming and other software services
822 Data processing and information services
82A Data processing services
82B Research and information services, except marketing or opinion research services
82C Miscellaneous information services
823 News syndicates
824 Detective agencies and credit bureaus

83 Advertising

831 Advertising agencies
839 Miscellaneous advertising services

84 Professional services,n.e.c.

841 Lawyers' and patent attorneys' offices
842 Notaries public's and judicial scriveners' offices
843 Certified public accountants' and auditors' offices
844 Veterinary services
845 Engineering and architectural services
846 Commercial and engineering design services
847 Authors and artists
848 Individual instruction places
84A Tutorial schools, except miscellaneous schools
84B Fitness clubs
84C Sports, health, except fitness clubs
84D Flower, tea ceremony
84E Abacus
84F Music
84G Calligraphy
84H Japanese and foreign-style dressmaking
84J Miscellaneous individual instruction places
849 Miscellaneous professional services

85 Cooperative associations, n.e.c.

851 Agriculture, forestry and marine cooperative association, n.e.c.
852 Business cooperative associations, n.e.c.

86 Miscellaneous business services

861 Stenographic, copying and duplicating services
862 Commodity inspection services
863 Surveyor certification
864 Building maintenance services
865 Private employment services
866 Guard services
869 Business services, n.e.c.
86A Worker dispatching services
86B Miscellaneous business services, n.e.c.

87 Waste treatment services

871 Domestic waste treatment services
872 Industrial waste treatment services
879 Miscellaneous waste treatment services

88 Medical and other health services

881 Hospitals
882 Clinics of medical practitioners
883 Dental clinics
884 Midwives
885 Offices of other health practitioners
886 Dental laboratories
887 Services related to health care, except
otherwise classified
889 Miscellaneous health services

89 Public health services

891 Public health centers
892 Health consultation offices
893 Quarantine stations, except animal and plant quarantines
899 Miscellaneous public health services

90 Social insurance and social welfare

901 Social insurance organizations
902 Welfare offices
903 Child welfare services
90A Day nursery
90B Miscellaneous child welfare services
904 Welfare services for the aged
905 Welfare services for mental retarded persons and physically disabled persons
906 Social protection services
909 Miscellaneous social insurance and social welfare

91 Education

911 Elementary schools
912 Lower secondary schools
913 Upper secondary schools
914 Advanced educational organizations
915 Special schools
916 Kindergartens
917 Special training schools and miscellaneous schools
918 Social educational services
91A Citizens' public halls
91B Libraries
91C Museums and art galleries
91D Zoological gardens, botanical gardens and aquariums
91E Miscellaneous social educational services
919 Miscellaneous educational services

92 Scientific research institutes

921 Research institutes for natural sciences
922 Cultural and social science research institutes

93 Religion

931 Shintoism
932 Buddhism
933 Christianity
939 Miscellaneous religions

94 Political, business and cultural organizations

941 Business and professional associations
942 Labour organizations
943 Non-profit cultural, science and art organizations
944 Political organizations
949 Non-profit organizations, n.e.c.

95 Miscellaneous services

951 Meeting halls
952 Slaughterhouses
959 Services, n.e.c.

M Government, n.e.c.

97 National government services

971 Legislative organs
972 Judicial organs
973 Administrative organs

98 Local government services

981 Prefectural government offices
982 City, town and village offices


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