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1999 Establishment and Enterprise Census

1 Overview of Census

The 1999 Establishment and Enterprise Census surveyed the activities of private establishments and enterprises with the aim of (1) clearly describing the basic structure of establishments and enterprises, including the type of industries and workforce on a national and regional basis as well as (2) preparing a list of establishments and enterprises for the implementation of various censuses.

The Establishment and Enterprise Census has conducted a complete enumeration of private and state establishments and local public body establishments every five years as a designated census (designated census No.2) in accordance with the Statistics Law and conducts a survey for the purpose of maintenance a list of private establishments. This survey has expanded the survey items and was conducted for the first time as a "brief survey" of the Establishment and Enterprise Census.

2 Salient Features of the Census

In order to make it less troublesome to fill out the Census and to improve its efficiency, the Establishment and Enterprise Census and the Census of Commerce were conducted simultaneously by means of a single questionnaire.

3 Date of Survey

The Census was conducted as of July 1, 1999.

4 Coverage of Census

The Census covers all private establishments throughout Japan engaged in the following industries.
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries (excluding individual proprietorships), mining, construction, manufacturing, electricity, gas and heat supply, water supply, transport, communications, wholesale and retail, restaurants, finance and insurance, real estate, service

5 Survey Item

Survey items consist of the following.

(1) Name and telephone number of establishment
(2) Address of establishment
(3) Legal organization
(4) Number of persons engaged
(5) Head or branch office
(6) Matters pertaining to the company (capitalization value or amount of investment, number of regular employees of whole company, main type of business of whole company)
(7) Kind of business activities

6 Survey Method

The questionnaire was distributed to and retrieved from the establishments subject to the enumerator by the surveyor according to the following channel.

Director-General of Management and Coordination Agency - prefectural governor - mayor and village chief - advisor - enumerator - establishment to be surveyed

7 Release of Results

The final results were released in October 2000.

8 Utilization of Results

The survey findings are utilized by the state and local public bodies as basic data for formulating national land use plans, appropriate industrial location plans and employment policies as well as for distributing local allocation taxes.

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