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Report on Internal Migration in Japan 

Summary of the Results of Internal Migration in 2005

Released on February 27, 2006

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1.  Number of inter-prefectural migrants decreased for 10 straight years

1.1.  Under the influence of the much progress of the annexation of municipalities, number of Japanese internal migrants in 2005 was 5,602 thousand persons, decreased by 170 thousand persons or 3.0% in comparison with the previous year.

1.2.  Number of Japanese inter-prefectural migrants in 2005 was 2,602 thousand persons, decreased by 35 thousand persons or 1.3% in comparison with the previous year, and decreased for 10 straight years.

Chart1. Changes of number of internal migrants: 1954 to 2005

2.  Rates of net-migration increased in 4 prefectures : Tokyo-to, Aichi-ken, and so on

2.1.  Looking at net-migration by prefectures, 8 prefectures showed plus : Tokyo-to(rate of net-migration 0.71%), Aichi-ken(0.27%), Kanagawa-ken (0.26%), Okinawa-ken (0.15%), Shiga-ken (0.12%), and so on.

2.2.  Rates of net-migration increased in 4 prefectures compared with the previous year : Tokyo-to, Aichi-ken, Chiba-ken and Hyogo-ken.

2.3.  On the other hand, 39 prefectures showed minus : Nagasaki-ken (the lowest rate of (-) 0.56%), Aomori-ken (0.50%), Iwate-ken (0.43%), Akita-ken(0.42%), Wakayama-ken, Yamagata-ken and Nara-ken (0.35% each), and so on.

Chart2. Rate of net-migration for prefectures : 2004 and 2005


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