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Request for Census Participation

Utilization of Census Results

The results of the census represent basic data which will be utilized in policymaking and corporate planning.
In addition, these results can be used as a resource providing previously unknown information to local regions, such as how many bars and restaurants a town has or where it stands nationally in terms of specific business categories (e.g., barbers, green grocers, etc.).

Reporting Requirement

Participation in the census is required under the Statistics Act.
Without full and accurate participation, it will not be possible to accurately assess the country's actual economic situation and thus hinder the implementation of truly necessary policies. Therefore, the Statistics Act has made participation a legal requirement (reporting requirement) and has established penalties for failure to participate.


All information collected will be kept secure. Census responses will be used solely for the purpose of compiling statistics.
Under the Statistics Act, enumerators and all others involved in census implementation are forbidden from revealing information to outside parties about their census activities and will be punished by law for failure to do so. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use content obtained through the census for any purpose (e.g., creation of tax documentation, etc.) other than the compilation of statistics.

Fraudulent Census-taking

Beware of fraudulent census-taking performed under the guise of being the Economic Census for Business Activity!

  • Fraudulent census-taking makes use of deceptive identification and explanations to trick victims into providing information about establishments and enterprises, because the victims believe that they are providing the information as part of a government-run census.
    Please be alert to fraudulent census-taking, as it not only hinders implementation of the actual census, it inevitably puts victims at risk of fraud and other crimes.
  • Please do not participate in anything which seems suspicious, and promptly report it to your municipal government.
  • Authorized enumerators will be able to prove their identity by showing their "Economic Census for Business Activity Enumerator Identification Card" and their "Census Employee Armband."

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