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Specific Fields

  "Historical Statistics of Japan" consists of 31 chapters covering various fields in order to overview actual conditions of the Japanese society and economy.

  For the convenience of users, "Gender" and "IT." are organized separately and rearranged under the title of "specific fields" selecting the relevant statistical tables from the above-mentioned 31 chapters.

1. Gender

  The gender statistics provide objective understanding of the differences and disparities between both sexes, factors causing such differences and the actual situation of this issue. International conferences on gender equality declare or recommend that a wide variety of statistics on individuals should be organized and analyzed for each sex and age group, and the results of statistical study should be publicized, thereby proposing targets, describing points of controversy and problems to be tackled.

  Based on these points, such basic statistical tables as "population by sex" are also included as well as the statistical data featuring the differences between the sexes.

Gender-related Tables

2. IT (information technology, or ICT)

  IT is a generic term representing the technology of computers and data communications. In this web site, IT is taken in a wider sense to cover statistics of computers, networks and their utilization.

  Specifically, the statistics included cover a wide range of topics, such as production, sales, utilization, technical development, cost, number of firms and engineers related to information and communications equipment and industry.

IT-related Tables


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