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Historical Statistics of Japan

  We have collected and organized important time-series data from a vast amount of statistics covering various fields including land, population, economy, society and culture and compiled them systematically into the "Historical Statistics of Japan." The statistics covered in this publication range from 1868 to date.

  This Historical Statistics is based on the "Historical Statistics of Japan (First Edition)" issued in 1987-1988 (supervised by the Statistics Bureau, Management and Coordination Agency and edited/issued by the Japan Statistical Association). We have extended its time-series and at the same time expanded and enriched the coverage of statistics, including data derived from the Japan Statistical Yearbook (edited by the Statistical Research and Training Institute, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and issued by the Statistics Bureau of the same Ministry) in response to the recent changes in social and economic situations. The Historical Statistics of Japan contains 878 statistical tables in 31 fields.

  We have selected and compiled fundamental statistics from statistical surveys, statistics derived from administrative records and secondary statistics compiled from other sources of official as well as private organizations.

  Each chapter begins with a brief description on the system and background of statistics and explanation about each statistical survey. In addition, for users' convenience, we have formed new chapters of "gender" and "information technology" by selecting relevant statistics in these fields.

  This Historical Statistics ceased to be updated as of April 2012.


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