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Chapter 31 National Defense

  This chapter contains statistics concerning national defense.

Brief history

  National defense after the end of World War II (1945) began with the establishment of the police reserve force in August 1950. In October 1952, it was reorganized as the National Security Force. In July 1954, the National Defense Agency was founded, thereby establishing the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-defense Forces. Furthermore, the Special Logistics Agency, which had been set up in June 1949 to deal with various postwar affairs and the acquisition and supply of facilities for the allied forces stationed in Japan, was reorganized as the General Services Agency. The Agency was abolished in November 1962 when the Defense Facilities Administration Agency was established.

  In July 1956, the National Defense Council was founded as an organization to deliberate important issues concerning national defense. In July 1986, the National Security Council was set up in the Cabinet, thereby abolishing the National Defense Council.

  Statistics on national defense include budgets related to national defense, the staff of the National Defense Agency and the number of members and equipment/supplies of the National Defense Forces. Japanese Government supplies based on facilities to the U.S. Forces stationed in Japan in accordance with the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty signed in 1970. (The original Japan-U.S. Security Treaty was agreed in 1951.) The statistics indicate that the facilities were scattered across 658 locations and covered an area of 1,296 km2 in total in March 1955, whereas in March 2002 they were located in 89 places and covered an area of 313 km2.

  Data are derived from the "National Defense White Paper" and the "National Defense Handbook" issued by Asagumo Newspaper Company.

National defense budgets, the staff of the National Defense Agency and the number of the members and equipment/supplies of the National Defense Forces

  National defense budgets include initial budgets for the National Defense Agency, the Defense Facilities Administration Agency, and the National Defense Council. Budgets by items are roughly categorized into personnel, provisions, and equipment. Purchase costs of equipment and supplies include the purchase costs of weapons and vehicles, the purchase costs of airplanes and building expenses of warships.

  The size of the staff of the National Defense Agency is the number prescribed by the budget, including the headquarters of the National Defense Agency (self-defense officials and administrative officials) and the Defense Facilities Administration Agency. It does not include irregular staff such as self-defense officials on reserve, students of the Defense Academy and the National Defense Medical College. The present members of self-defense officials do not include suspended personnel.

  Among equipment and supplies, the numbers of tanks, self-propelled guns, and armored vehicles are approximate figures.


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