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Chapter 30 Environment


Air Pollution

30- 1  Air Pollution (F.Y.1970--2004)(Excel:38KB)

30- 2  Number of Days With Warning on Photochemical Oxidant and Persons Affected (F.Y.1970--2004)(Excel:26KB)

30- 3  Acid Rain (Yearly Mean pH in Rain) (F.Y.1993--2003)(Excel:23KB)

30- 4  Emission of Carbon Dioxide by Sector (F.Y.1990--2003)(Excel:26KB)

30- 5  Shipment of Chlorofluorocarbons (1985--2004)(Excel:30KB)

Water Quality

30- 6  Achievement Rate of Environmental Quality Standards of Water (BOD or COD) (F.Y.1974--2004)(Excel:28KB)

30- 7  Water Quality of Designated Lakes (Annual Mean COD) (F.Y.1981--2004)(Excel:28KB)

30- 8  Water Quality of Closed Sea Areas (Ratio of Points Satisfying Standard) (1985--2004)(Excel:25KB)

30- 9  Number of Confirmed Cases of Sea Pollution (1967--2004)(Excel:24KB)


30-10  Land Subsidence (F.Y.1979--2004)(Excel:24KB)

30-11  Total Volume of Wastes (F.Y.1965--2003)(Excel:29KB)

30-12  Construction of Waste Incineration Facilities (F.Y.1975--2003)(Excel:27KB)

30-13  Recycling Facilities (F.Y.1978--2003)(Excel:31KB)

30-14  Capacity for Final Disposal of Wastes (F.Y.1978--2003)(Excel:28KB)

30-15  Treatment Facilities of Bulky Wastes (F.Y.1978--2003)(Excel:27KB)

30-16- a  Industrial Wastes (By Type) (F.Y.1975--2003)(Excel:26KB)

30-16- b  Industrial Wastes (By Industry) (F.Y.1975--2003)(Excel:31KB)

30-17  Raw Sewage Disposed (F.Y.1989--2003)(Excel:35KB)


30-18  Number of Facilities with Specified Noise Equipment (F.Y.1978--2004)(Excel:26KB)

30-19  Number of Facilities with Specified Vibration Equipment (F.Y.1978--2004)(Excel:26KB)

30-20  Number of Grievances against Environmental Pollution (F.Y.1972--2005)(Excel:25KB)

Environmental Protection

30-21  Number of Applications for Permission within National Parks (F.Y.1994--2004)(Excel:25KB)

30-22  Number of Issuance of Hunting License and Animals and Birds Caught (F.Y.1993--2003)(Excel:23KB)

30-23  Production of Environmental Equipment (F.Y.1966--2004)(Excel:40KB)

30-24  Proportion of Environmental Conservation Expenditure in the National Budget (F.Y.1971--2006)(Excel:31KB)

30-25  Loans to Pollution Control Facilities by Local Public Bodies (F.Y.1974--2000)(Excel:26KB)


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