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Chapter 29 Disasters and Accidents


Natural Disasters

29- 1  Damage by Flood, Tide-water and Storms (1875--1935)(Excel:84KB)

29- 2- a  Natural Disasters (1949--1961)(Excel:55KB)

29- 2- b  Natural Disasters (1962--2005)(Excel:37KB)

29- 3  Facilities Damaged by Natural Disasters (1962--2004)(Excel:42KB)

29- 4  Disaster Relief Expenses under Disaster Relief Fund Law (F.Y.1899--1938)(Excel:56KB)

29- 5  Disaster Relief Expenses under Disaster Relief Law (F.Y.1952--2004)(Excel:27KB)

29- 6  Natural Disasters by Prefecture (1970--2005)(Excel:412KB)

29- 7  Damage to Paddy Rice and Field Rice by Disasters (1948--2005)(Excel:52KB)


29- 8  Cases and Damage of Fires (1923--2004)(Excel:40KB)

29- 9  Cases of Fires by Cause (1923--2004)(Excel:56KB)

29-10  Equipment and Personnel of Fire Services and Call Frequency (1966--2005)(Excel:47KB)


29-11  Road Traffic Accidents (1924--2005)(Excel:38KB)

29-12  Traffic Accidents by Primary Party Concerned (1966--2005)(Excel:35KB)

29-13  Persons Killed and Injured in Road Traffic Accidents by Age Group (1965--2005)(Excel:136KB)

29-14- a  Railway Accidents - JR Companies (F.Y.1968--2004)(Excel:35KB)

29-14- b  Railway Accidents - Private Railways (Other than JR Companies) (F.Y.1971--2004)(Excel:39KB)

29-15  Shipping Accidents by Type of Vessel (1972--2003)(Excel:63KB)

29-16  Persons Killed or Injured by Shipping Accidents (1972--2005)(Excel:27KB)

29-17  Aircraft Accidents (1952--2005)(Excel:35KB)

29-18  Gas Accidents (1955--2004)(Excel:34KB)

29-19  Electric Accidents (C.Y.1908--1947, F.Y.1948--2005)(Excel:46KB)


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