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Chapter 26 Culture and Leisure



26- 1  Books and Magazines Published (1945--2005)(Excel:35KB)

26- 2- a  Books Published (1954--2004)(Excel:30KB)

26- 2- b  Magazines Published (1954--2004)(Excel:34KB)

26- 3  Newspaper Circulation (1941--2006)(Excel:27KB)

Picture and Sound

26- 4  Motion Picture (1955--2005)(Excel:37KB)

26- 5  Production of Disks and Tapes (1930--2006)(Excel:54KB)

26- 6  Sales of Video Software (1978--2005)(Excel:31KB)

26- 7  Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations and Television Subscribers (F.Y.1924--2004)(Excel:40KB)

26- 8  Hours of Broadcasting by Programme Type and Share in Total Hours Broadcast (Commercial Broadcasters) (F.Y.1969--2005)(Excel:38KB)

26- 9  NHK Broadcasting Hours (Tokyo) (F.Y.1969--2004)(Excel:52KB)


26-10  Museums (C.Y.1955--2005, F.Y.1954--2004)(Excel:29KB)

26-11- a  Libraries - Public Libraries (1955--2005)(Excel:37KB)

26-11- b  Libraries - University Libraries (F.Y.1978--2004)(Excel:58KB)

26-12  Citizen's Public Halls (1955--2005)(Excel:68KB)

26-13  Local Institutes for Social Education (1975--2005)(Excel:30KB)

26-14  Sports Facilities by Founder (1969--2002)(Excel:35KB)

26-15  Parks (F.Y.1960--2004)(Excel:29KB)

Cultural Properties

26-16  Cultural Properties and Monuments Designated by the National Government (1956--2006)(Excel:38KB)

26-17  Cultural Properties and Monuments Designated by Prefecture, City (Ku), Town and Village (1978--2006)(Excel:28KB)

26-18  Cultural Properties and Monuments by Prefecture (F.Y.1982--1999, C.Y.2000--2006)(Excel:222KB)

Artists and Professional Sports Players

26-19  Persons Engaged in Culture - Related Occupations (1920--2000)(Excel:31KB)

26-20- a  Professional Sports - Players (1993--2005)(Excel:28KB)

26-20- b  Professional Sports - Number of days held, Spectators etc. (1984--2005)(Excel:34KB)

Social Education

26-21  Social Education Classes and Courses by Board of Education (F.Y.1954--2001)(Excel:34KB)

26-22  Personnel for Social Education (1955--2005)(Excel:42KB)

26-23  Women's Educational Centres (1971--2005)(Excel:32KB)

26-24  Children and Youths Educational Facilities (1968--2005)(Excel:46KB)

Leisure Activities

26-25  Participation Rate in Leisure Activities by Type and Sex (1976--2006)(Excel:41KB)

26-26  Use of Hot Springs (F.Y.1957--2004)(Excel:33KB)

26-27  Average Time Spent per Day on Activities by Type of Activity and Sex (Weekly Average) (1976--2006)(Excel:31KB)


26-28  Religious Bodies, Clergymen and Adherents (1965--2004)(Excel:32KB)


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