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Chapter 24 Health and Medical Care


Nutrition and Physical Strength

24- 1  Intake of Nutrients - Per Capita per Diem (F.Y.1946--1963, C.Y.1964--2004)(Excel:55KB)

24- 2  Intake of Calories by Food Group - Per Capita per Diem (F.Y.1952--1963, C.Y.1964--2004)(Excel:72KB)

24- 3  Stature by Age and Sex (F.Y.1900--2004)(Excel:93KB)

24- 4  Weight by Age and Sex (F.Y.1900--2004)(Excel:87KB)

24- 5- a  Stature, Weight and Girth of Chest by Age and Sex (F.Y.1967--1985)(Excel:66KB)

24- 5- b  Stature, Weight and Girth of Chest by Age and Sex (1985--2003)(Excel:69KB)

24- 6  Physical Fitness and Physical Ability of the Youth and Middle Aged by Age (F.Y.1964--2004)(Excel:67KB)

24- 7  Facilities for Providing Meals, Nutritionists (C.Y.1967--1996, F.Y.1997--2004)(Excel:37KB)

24- 8  Health Centres and Staff Members (F.Y.1937--2003)(Excel:66KB)

24- 9  HIV-infected Persons and AIDS Patients by Nationality and by Infection Way (1985--2004)(Excel:34KB)

24-10  Patients and Deaths of Infectious Diseases and Food Poisoning (1876--1999)(Excel:146KB)

24-11  Number of Infectious Disease Outbreaks and Deaths by Type (1999--2003)(Excel:47KB)

24-12  Diffusion of Public Sewerage (F.Y.1935--2003)(Excel:34KB)

24-13  Disposal of Waste and Garbage (F.Y.1962--2002)(Excel:32KB)

Medical Care

24-14  Medical Treatment Recipients Ratio by Age Group - Per 100,000 Population (1948--2002)(Excel:37KB)

24-15  Ratio of Injury and Disease by Age Group - Per 1,000 Population (1948--1985)(Excel:66KB)

24-16  Households with or without Inpatients Outpatients a Person in Bed for more than a Month, Person Complaining of Symptoms or Person with Difficulties in Daily Life by the Number of Household Members (1989--2004) (Excel:33KB)

24-17  Complaining of Symptom by Sex and Age Group (Multiple Answers) (1986--2004)(Excel:27KB)

24-18  Ratio of Outpatients by Sex and Age Group (1986--2004)(Excel:27KB)

24-19  Estimated Patients by Age Group and Sex (1948--2002)(Excel:80KB)

24-20  Estimated Inpatients and Outpatients by Medical Care Institutions (1948--2002)(Excel:64KB)

24-21  Average Days of Hospitalization per Patient Discharged by Age Group (1975--2002)(Excel:29KB)

24-22  Waiting Hours before Medical Examination by Type of Hospital (1996--2002)(Excel:33KB)

24-23  National Medical Care Expenditures (F.Y.1954--2003)(Excel:51KB)

24-24  National Medical Care Expenditures by Age Group (F.Y.1997--2004)(Excel:27KB)

24-25  National Medical Care Expenditures by Prefecture (F.Y.1987--2002)(Excel:36KB)

24-26  Conditions of Old Age Medical Expenditure under Different System (F.Y.1983--2003)(Excel:29KB)

24-27  Medical Care Institutions and Beds by Founder (1949--2004)(Excel:35KB)

24-28  Hospitals by Kind (1910--2004)(Excel:73KB)

24-29  Hospital Beds by Kind (1910--2004)(Excel:76KB)

24-30  Medical Care Personnel (1874--2004)(Excel:62KB)

24-31  Medical Care Institutions and Personnel by Prefecture (1887--2004)(Excel:147KB)

24-32  Hospitals and Beds for Aged People by Founder (1984--2002)(Excel:26KB)

24-33  Utilization Rate of Hospital Beds by Type of Bed (For each Year) (1975--2004)(Excel:25KB)


24-34  Pharmaceutical Business Facilities (C.Y.1944--1996, F.Y.1997--2004)(Excel:64KB)

24-35  Inspectors of Pharmaceutical Affairs and their Activity (C.Y.1964--1996, F.Y.1997--2004)(Excel:28KB)


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