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Chapter 23 Social Security


Social Security

23- 1- a  Total Expenditure on Social Security Programmes - Net Expenditure (F.Y.1950--1997)(Excel:31KB)

23- 1- b  Total Expenditure on Social Security Programmes - Borne by the Treasury (F.Y.1950--1997)(Excel:32KB)

23- 2  Social Security Benefit Expenditure by Kind and Ratio to National Income (F.Y.1951--2004)(Excel:34KB)

23- 3  Social Security Revenue (F.Y.1960--2004)(Excel:34KB)

23- 4  Social Security Accounting (F.Y.1996--2004)(Excel:28KB)

23- 5  Number of Households, Number of Household Members, Number of Working Persons, Initial Income and Redistributed Income per Household, by Type of Household, Age Group of Householdhead and Household Structure (1984--2002)(Excel:43KB)

23- 6  Income Distribution Ratio of Initial Income and Redistributed Income by Decile Group (1962--2002) (Excel:27KB)

23- 7  Coefficient of Redistribution by Type of Household, Age Group of Household Head and Household Structure (1984--2002)(Excel:27KB)

23- 8- a  Points per Case and Points per Day by Type of Medical Care for Inpatients (1976--2004)(Excel:37KB)

23- 8- b  Points per Case and Points per Day by Type of Medical Care Excluding Care in Hospitalization (1976--2004)(Excel:37KB)

Medical Insurance

23- 9- a  Public-Corporation-Run Health Insurance - Persons Insured by General System (F.Y.1926--2003)(Excel:69KB)

23- 9- b  Public-Corporation-Run Health Insurance - Persons Insured under Article 3, Clause 2, of the Health Insurance Law (F.Y.1953--2003)(Excel:35KB)

23-10  Health Insurance Managed by Association (F.Y.1926--2003)(Excel:47KB)

23-11  National Health Insurance (F.Y.1949--2004)(Excel:32KB)

Pension Insurance

23-12  Subscription to Public Pension Plans (1992--2004)(Excel:24KB)

23-13- a  Pensioners of Public Pensions and Amount of Pension per Person - New System (F.Y.1986--2003)(Excel:38KB)

23-13- b  Pensioners of Public Pensions and Amount of Pension per Person - Old System (F.Y.1986--2003)(Excel:40KB)

23-14  Average Contributions per Household by the Age of Household Head and Type of Contribution (1985--2003)(Excel:32KB)

23-15- a  Employees' Pension Insurance (F.Y.1942--1965)(Excel:27KB)

23-15- b  Employees' Pension Insurance (F.Y.1966--2003)(Excel:40KB)

23-16  National Pension (F.Y.1960--2003)(Excel:53KB)

23-17  Farmer Pension Fund (F.Y.1970--2001)(Excel:30KB)

23-18  Mutual Aid Association of National Government Employees - Association of Federations (F.Y.1948--2004)(Excel:45KB)

23-19  Mutual Aid Association of Local Government Employees (F.Y.1962--2003)(Excel:39KB)

23-20  Mutual Aid Corporation of Private School Personnel (F.Y.1953--2003)(Excel:44KB)

23-21  Seamen's Insurance (F.Y.1940--2003)(Excel:48KB)

23-22  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Organization Employees Mutual Aid Association (F.Y.1958--2001)(Excel:30KB)

Nursing-Care Insurance

23-23  Nursing-Care Insurance for the Elderly (F.Y.2000--2004)(Excel:27KB)

Employment Insurance

23-24- a  Employment Insurance - General Jobseekers and Special Short-term Jobseekers (F.Y.1947--2004)(Excel:35KB)

23-24- b  Employment Insurance - Persons Seeking Daily Employment (F.Y.1949--2004)(Excel:30KB)

Accident Compensation

23-25  Worker's Accident Compensation Insurance (F.Y.1947--2004)(Excel:42KB)

23-26  Accident Compensation for National Government Employees (F.Y.1951--2004)(Excel:34KB)

23-27  Accident Compensation for Local Government Employees (F.Y.1967--2004)(Excel:32KB)

Social Welfare

23-28- a  Number of Public Welfare Institutions (1951--2004)(Excel:34KB)

23-28- b  Capacity of Inmates in Public Welfare Institutions (1951--2004)(Excel:34KB)

23-28- c  Actual Number of Inmates in Public Welfare Institutions (1951--2004)(Excel:33KB)

23-28- d  Persons Engaged in Public Welfare Institutions (1951--2004)(Excel:35KB)

23-29  Welfare Services for Children (F.Y.1965--2004)(Excel:67KB)

23-30  Number of Day Nurseries, Fixed Capacity and Infants Enrolled (1971--2005)(Excel:27KB)

23-31  Recipients of Child Allowance, Number of Eligible Children and Amount of Payments (F.Y.1971--2004)(Excel:27KB)

23-32  Welfare for the Physically Handicapped (F.Y.1965--2004)(Excel:27KB)

23-33  Cases of Counselling for the Mentally Handicapped (F.Y.1965--2004)(Excel:34KB)

23-34  Welfare for the Aged (F.Y.1983--2004)(Excel:35KB)

23-35  Households by Family Type and Kind of Household (1953--2004)(Excel:32KB)

23-36  Households by Family Type and Employment Status of the Head (1990--2004)(Excel:30KB)

23-37  Households and Persons Receiving Public Assistance (Per Month) and Ratio of Aid (C.Y.1946--1950, F.Y.1951--2004)(Excel:29KB)

23-38- a  Households Receiving Aid by Kind - Per Month (F.Y.1970--2004)(Excel:27KB)

23-38- b  Total Persons Receiving Aid by Kind - Per Month (C.Y.1946--1950, F.Y.1951--2004)(Excel:30KB)

23-38- c  Expenditures on Aid by Kind (F.Y.1951--2003)(Excel:31KB)


23-39  Onkyu Pension for Civil Officials (C.Y.1886--1948, F.Y.1949--2003)(Excel:49KB)

23-40  Onkyu Pension for Ex-soldiers (C.Y.1946--1948, F.Y.1949--2003)(Excel:37KB)

23-41  Onkyu Pensioners Arbitrated by Prefectural Governors (C.Y.1947, F.Y.1948--2003)(Excel:32KB)

23-42  Benefits under Law for Aid to Wounded and Sick-Retired Soldiers, the War-Bereaved, etc.(F.Y.1960--2004)(Excel:27KB)


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