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Chapter 22 Prices


Corporate Goods Price Index

22- 1  Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index by Group (C.Y.1960--2005, F.Y.1960--2005)(Excel:61KB)

22- 2  Export Price Index by Group (C.Y.1960--2005, F.Y.1960--2005)(Excel:44KB)

22- 3  Import Price Index by Group (C.Y.1960--2005, F.Y.1960--2005)(Excel:46KB)

22- 4  Average Index for Domestic Corporate Goods, Exports and Imports (C.Y.1960--2005, F.Y.1960--2005)(Excel:32KB)

22- 5  Corporate Price Index by Stage of Demand and Use (C.Y.1960--2005, F.Y.1960--2005)(Excel:74KB)

22- 6  Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index Excluding Consumption Tax (C.Y.1985--2005, F.Y.1985--2005)(Excel:35KB)

22- 7  Corporate Service Price Index (C.Y.1985--2005, F.Y.1985--2005)(Excel:42KB)

22- 8  Input-Output Price Index of Manufacturing Industry by Sectors (C.Y.1990--2005, F.Y.1990--2005)(Excel:34KB)

22- 9  Prewar Base Domestic Corporate Index - By Basic Groups and Use (1931--2005)(Excel:47KB)

Agricultural Price Index

22-10   Agricultural Price Index (F.Y.1951--1995, C.Y.1995--2004)(Excel:40KB)

22-11   Agricultural Production Material Price Index (F.Y.1951--1995, C.Y.1995--2004)(Excel:37KB)

Consumer Price Index

22-12  Consumer Price Index (All Japan, General Index, Monthly) (1970--2010)(Excel:29KB)

22-13  Consumer Price Index (All Japan and by Subgroups) (C.Y.1955--2010, F.Y.1955--2009)(Excel:114KB)

22-14  Consumer Price Index by Goods and Service Group (C.Y.1955--2010, F.Y.1965--2009)(Excel:82KB)

22-15  General Index by City Groups, Districts, and Cities with Prefectural Governments (C.Y.1970--2010, F.Y.1970--2009)(Excel:82KB)

22-16  Consumer Price Index by City Group and District (1970--2011)(Excel:149KB)

22-17  Regional Difference Index of Consumer Prices (General Index) (1978--2009)(Excel:48KB)

22-18  Consumer Price Index by Five Major Groups (Prewar Base) for Ku-area of Tokyo (1947--2010)(Excel:32KB)

22-19  Retail Prices of Major Items for Ku-area of Tokyo (1950--2010)(Excel:581KB)

Price of Land

22-20  Urban Land Price Index - All Urban Land, 6 Major Cities and excluding 6 Large Cities (1955--2005)

22-21  Urban Land Price Index - 3 Major Metropolitan Areas (1985--2005)

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