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Chapter 18 Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments and International Cooperation


Foreign Trade

18- 1- a  Value of Japan Exports by Principal Country (Area) of Destination (1962--2004)(Excel:66KB)

18- 1- b  Value of Exports by Principal Commodity (1962--2004) (Excel:29KB)

18- 1- c  Value of Exports by Special Classification of Commodity (1965--2004)(Excel:31KB)

18- 2- a  Value of Japan Imports by Principal Country (Area) of Origin (1962--2004)(Excel:67KB)

18- 2- b  Value of Imports by Principal Commodity (1962--2004) (Excel:31KB)

18- 2- c  Value of Imports by Special Classification of Commodity (1965--2004)(Excel:32KB)

18- 3  Quantity and Value of Exports by Commodity (1969--2004) (Excel:85KB)

18- 4  Quantity and Value of Imports by Commodity (1969--2004)(Excel:92KB)

18- 5  Quantum Index of Foreign Trade (1960--2004)(Excel:33KB)

18- 6  Unit Value Index of Foreign Trade (1960--2004)(Excel:32KB)

18- 7  Trade of Industrial Technology (F.Y.1950--2004)(Excel:33KB)

18- 8  Foreign Exchange Rates (1950--2005) (Excel:41KB)

18- 9  Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves (F.Y.1951--1955, C.Y.1956--2005)(Excel:30KB)

Balance of Payments

18-10- a  Balance of Payments (Before the Revision) (1946--1994)(Excel:35KB)

18-10- b  Balance of Payments - Summary Table (1986--2005)(Excel:27KB)

18-10- c  Balance of Payments - Trade Balance (1994--2005)(Excel:25KB)

18-10- d  Balance of Payments - Services (1991--2005)(Excel:28KB)

18-10- e  Balance of Payments - Income and Current Transfers (1991--2005)(Excel:27KB)

18-10- f  Balance of Payments - Financial Account (1991--2005)(Excel:29KB)

International Cooperation

18-11- a  Economic Cooperation (Net Disbursements) - Economic Cooperation (1960--2004)(Excel:36KB)

18-11- b  Economic Cooperation (Net Disbursements) - Technical Assistance (1975--2003)(Excel:28KB)

18-12  Budget of the Japan Foundation (F.Y.1972--2002) (Excel:34KB)


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