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Chapter 16 Service Industry


Services Industry

16- 1- a  Number of Establishments, Persons Engaged and Regular Employees, Incomes, Total Expenses, Total Wages and Salaries and Equipment Investment of Services Industry (by Minor Group) (1989--2004)(Excel:133KB)

16- 1- b  Number of Establishments and Persons Engaged by Sex, by Legal Organization and Number of Persons Engaged per Establishment of Service Industry (by Minor Group) (2009)(Excel:135KB)

Business Condition

16- 2- a  Dynamics of Major Industries - Goods Rental and Leasing (1973--2004)(Excel:28KB)

16- 2- b  Dynamics of Major Industries - Advertising (1973--2003)(Excel:26KB)

16- 2- c  Dynamics of Major Industries - Credit Card Businesses (1989--2002)(Excel:25KB)

16- 2- d  Dynamics of Major Industries - Engineering Services (1991--2003)(Excel:23KB)

16- 2- e  Dynamics of Major Industries - Commercial and Engineering Design Services (1985--2003)(Excel:23KB)

16- 2- f  Dynamics of Major Industries - Movie Theatres (1991--2004)(Excel:23KB)

16- 2- g  Dynamics of Major Industries - Golf Courses (1985--2004)(Excel:23KB)

16- 3  Number of Environmental Sanitation Facilities, Barbers, Hairdressers and Laundrymen (C.Y.1949--1996, F.Y.1997--2004)(Excel:47KB)

16- 4  Users of and Fees for Hairdressing Service (F.Y.1963--2003)(Excel:28KB)

16- 5  Hotels and Inns (1961-- 2004)(Excel:30KB)

16- 6  Advertising Expenditures by Medium (1985--2005)(Excel:27KB)

16- 7  Guard Service (1973--2005)(Excel:23KB)

16- 8  Races under Public Management (F.Y.1983--2003)(Excel:27KB)


16- 9  Index of Tertiary Industry Activity (1988--2005)(Excel:32KB)


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