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Chapter 15 Real Estate and Land


Land Owner Ship

15- 1  Area of Land Owned by Corporations or Individuals by Land Category (1983--2004)(Excel:38KB)

15- 2  Area of Land Possessed Enterprises by Industry (F.Y.1993--2003)(Excel:23KB)

15- 3  Land Owned by Corporations by Industry (1993--2003) (Excel:29KB)

15- 4  Area of Land for Building site etc. Owned by Corporations by Industry and Use of Land (1993--2003)(Excel:31KB)

15- 5  Number of Corporations and Area of Land Owned by Corporations, by Industry, Tenure and Type of Land (1993--2003) (Excel:39KB)

15- 6  Land Owned by Corporations by Location of Head Office (1993--2003)(Excel:36KB)

15- 7  Land Areas of Corporations by Locative Relations to Corporation's Head Offices (1993--2003)(Excel:35KB)

15- 8  Number of Households by Age of Main Earner and Tenure State of Land (1993--2003)(Excel:29KB)

15- 9  Number of Households by Tenure State of Land and Prefecture (1993--2003)(Excel:42KB)

15-10  Households Owning and Area of Present Site of Dwelling, Number and Area of Dwelling Site, etc. Other than Present Site of Dwelling by Year and Method of Acquisition (1993--2003) (Excel:43KB)

15-11  Number and Area of Own Dwelling Site, etc. Other than Present Size of Dwelling by Annual Income Group of Household and Present Use (1993--2003) (Excel:37KB)

15-12  Number and Area of Houses Owned (1983--2004)(Excel:23KB)

Land Supply and Dealings

15-13  Areas of Housing Land Supplied by Public Sector and Private Sector (F.Y.1970--2002)(Excel:26KB)

15-14  Areas of Finished Housing Sites by Public / Private and by Type of Work (C.Y.1969--1974, F.Y.1975--2003)(Excel:26KB)

15-15  Area of Land Trading by Region (1990--2003)(Excel:24KB)

15-16  Dealings in Real Estate by Region (1975--2004)(Excel:26KB)

Price and Rent

15-17  Index for Office Rent by Metropolitan Area and Region (1995--2004)

15-18  Index of Urban Land Price by Use (1955--2004)

15-19  Change in Land Price by Use and Region (1977--2004)(Excel:35KB)

15-20  Average Prices of Housing Land by Use and Prefecture (Per 1sq. m) (1980--2004)(Excel:140KB)

15-21  Price of Paddy Fields, Fields, Forest Prime Land (Per 10 Ares) (1955--2004)

15-22  Rented Houses by Tenure of Dwelling, Monthly Rent and Rent per Tatami Unit by Prefecture (1963--2008)(Excel:92KB)

15-23  Index of Apartment House Rent by Metropolitan Area and Region (1995--2004)

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