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Chapter 11 Information and Communication


Postal Services

11- 1  Post Offices and Mail Accepted (F.Y.1871--2004)(Excel:38KB)

11- 2- a  Mail Accepted (F.Y.1871--1942)(Excel:33KB)

11- 2- b  Mail Accepted and Revenue from Postal Services (F.Y.1946--2004)(Excel:38KB)

11- 3  Foreign Letters and Parcels (F.Y.1946--2004)(Excel:37KB)


11- 4  Subscription to Telecommunications Services (F.Y.1937--2004)(Excel:43KB)

11- 5  Subscribers to Internet Connection Service (F.Y.1999--2004)(Excel:23KB)

11- 6  Utilization of Telecommunications (F.Y.1946--2004)(Excel:42KB)

11- 7  Telecommunications Carriers (F.Y.1985--2006)(Excel:32KB)

11- 8- a  Sales by Service of Telecommunications Carriers (F.Y.1989--1997)(Excel:25KB)

11- 8- b  Sales by Service of Telecommunications Carriers (F.Y.1998--2002)(Excel:24KB)

11- 9  Cable Telecommunications Equipment and Construction Permits for High Frequency-Based Equipment (F.Y.1983--2004)(Excel:26KB)

11-10  Qualified Chief Telecommunications Engineers and Qualified Installation Technicians by Type of License (F.Y.1985--2004)(Excel:26KB)

11-11  Qualified Radio Operators by Type of License (F.Y.1990--2005)(Excel:25KB)

11-12  Radio Stations (F.Y.1947--2005)(Excel:57KB)

11-13  Broadcasting Enterprises and Broadcasting Stations (F.Y.1983--2004)(Excel:28KB)

11-14  Broadcast Subscribers (F.Y.1955--2005)(Excel:33KB)

11-15  Revenue and Expenditure of Broadcasting Enterprises (F.Y.1983--2005)(Excel:26KB)

11-16  Establishments, Persons Engaged and Annual Sales of Information Service Industry by Category of Business (1973--2004)(Excel:30KB)

11-17  Information Technology Engineers 15 Years Old and Over by Sex (1970--2005)(Excel:24KB)

11-18  Number of Information Technology Engineers who Passed Examinations (1969--2005)(Excel:35KB)

11-19  Possession and Utilizations of Information and Communication Apparatus (1994--2004)(Excel:25KB)


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