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Chapter 10 Energy and Water

  This chapter contains energy statistics concerning production capacity and supply and demand of electricity/gas, crude oil, natural gas, coal and oil products, statistics concerning domestic fuel consumption, statistics concerning energy balance by type of energy and sector of consumption, and statistics concerning water resources including tap water and industrial water.

Statistics on Electricity

  Several surveys on electricity have been conducted as approved statistical surveys. However, factual information on the generation of and demand for general electricity is primarily derived from administrative records that the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy prepares for its internal use to implement various administrative policies based on the Electricity Enterprises Law. Such data are summarized in the "Electricity Enterprises Handbook" edited by the Federation of Electric Companies of Japan under the supervision of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

Current Production Survey on Gas Utility Industry (Designated Statistics No. 43)

  In 1948 when the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry) started the Current Production Survey (Designated Statistics No. 11), statistics on gas were included in its survey system. In 1951, the gas statistics were separated as independent designated statistical survey No. 43 and a survey was conducted at the plants that belong to enterprises in the gas business. Since 1956, it covers enterprises that have been authorized for gas business based on the Article 3 of the Gas Enterprises Law. Subsequent to the 1970 revision of the Gas Enterprises Law, the target population of the survey was expanded to include community-gas enterprises as well as general gas enterprises. In response to the revision of the Law in 1994, the Ministry began to collect data concerning the large-volume supply of gas.

Current Survey of Petroleum Products Supply and Demand (Designated Statistics No. 51)

  This survey was resumed as a designated statistical survey in 1952, when the Special Goods Demand and Supply Adjustment Law was expired, and when there was an international supply shortage of mineral products such as oil and non-ferrous metals.

  Around 1960, a sample survey was introduced to meet an extensive increase in the number of oil sales companies. Thereafter, the survey was revised toward simplification. In 2002, it underwent drastic changes.

Natural Gas, Coal and Cokes

  These statistics are obtained from the "Current Survey of Production" and the "Current Supply-Demand Surveys of Coal, etc." carried out by METI. (Refer to Chapter 8 Mining and Manufacturing.)

General Energy Statistics

  The statistics has been compiled since 1953 for analyzing changes in the energy demand and supply of Japan. As the structure of its demand and supply has changed substantially, the statistics was revised in full measure to enable supply-demand analysis and international comparison easy and straightforward.

Statistics on Water

  The "Survey of Industrial Water" was started in 1958 as an approved statistical survey attached to the "Census of Manufacturers (Designated Statistics No. 10)." In 1963, it was incorporated in the "Census of Manufacturers" as its survey topics. It covers manufacturing establishments that regularly employ 30 or more persons to investigate water used for production within the establishment (including water used for drinking and miscellaneous uses by employees). (Refer to Chapter 8 Mining and Manufacturing.)


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