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Chapter 10 Energy and Water



10- 1  Power Plants and Maximum Capacity (C.Y.1903--1941, F.Y.1942--2003)(Excel:61KB)

10- 2  Electric Power Generated (C.Y.1914--1941, F.Y.1942--2003)(Excel:43KB)

10- 3  Fuel Consumption for Power Generation (C.Y.1912--1941, F.Y.1942--2003)(Excel:34KB)

10- 4  Demand for Electric Light and Power (C.Y.1903--1941, F.Y.1942--2003)(Excel:46KB)

10- 5  Electric Power Consumed by Industry (C.Y.1930--1941, F.Y.1942--2002) (Excel:46KB)

10- 6  Electric Power Consumed by Prefecture (F.Y.1968--2003)(Excel:65KB)


10- 7  Number of Consumers and Sales by City Gas Providers (F.Y.1948--1950, C.Y.1951--2003)(Excel:43KB)

10- 8  Sales and Diffusion Rate of Gas Produced by City Gas Providers, by Prefecture (1974--2003)(Excel:72KB)

10- 9- a  Daily Capacity of Gas Production (1953--1997)(Excel:59KB)

10- 9- b  Daily Capacity of Gas Production (1990--2003)(Excel:23KB)

Supply and Demand of Energy

10-10   Fuel Consumption for Household Use (C.Y.1956--1997, F.Y.1998--2000)(Excel:30KB)

10-11  Supply and Demand of Crude Oil (C.Y.1974--1975, F.Y.1976--2003)(Excel:28KB)

10-12  Imports of Crude Oil by Region and Country (F.Y.1970--2003)(Excel:53KB)

10-13  Supply and Demand of Petroleum Products (1971--2003)(Excel:37KB)

10-14  Supply and Demand of Natural Gas (C.Y.1974--1979, F.Y.1980--2003)(Excel:28KB)

10-15- a  Domestic Supply of Primary Energy (F.Y.1953--2000)(Excel:33KB)

10-15- b  Domestic Supply of Primary Energy (F.Y.1990--2003)(Excel:26KB)

10-16- a  General Balance of Supply and Demand of Energy - Old Calculation Table (Concise Table) (F.Y.1955--2000)(Excel:60KB)

10-16- b  General Balance of Supply and Demand of Energy - New Calculation Table (Concise Table for Balance of Energy) (F.Y.1990-- 2003)(Excel:66KB)


10-17  Water Supply (F.Y.1950--2002)(Excel:33KB)

10-18  Diffusion Rate of Water Supply by Prefecture (F.Y.1960--2005) (Excel:64KB)

10-19  Industrial Water Used by Medium Industry Group of Manufacturing (1965--2003)(Excel:110KB)


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